3 tips for successful implementations of Cloud storage system on architectural firms

To successfully implement a cloud storage  system on architectural firms, some things are important, but other crucial. Take a look at theses 3 tips that will help you to make your efforts successful:
1- Relate everything to a site
Every job is related to site. A site can be a restaurant, a store, a building, a house. Architects life’s are  organized based on it. So should you files storage system. Think about this when determining how to move forward with your implementation.
2- Sharing should be easy
You don’t work alone. This is a reality. So make sure that the way you transform your digital and cloud experience takes this into consideration.
3- Preciously think about folder organization
If usually you have trouble finding your files on a server or personal computer, it won’t be fixed just because you are bringing your files to the cloud. You should spend sometime thinking about the file system and organization to put in place and communicate this to your team so everyone knows how to name their files.
Hope you enjoyed it.
Best regards
Crunchstorage Team

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