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5 tips to organize your files

Scenario: You are designing 30+ projects at a same time in your company. Each project has at least 30 drawings (900 drawings). The projects are divided in 5 different teams and are on different phases. The managers for two teams go on vacation. One of their clients calls and wants to have information about a drawing. Their computer is available, but you can’t find the drawings. Now what?

Problem: If you are storing your files on computers or even in cloud based system but you have not organized and standardized how this files should be stored, you are in big trouble. It is as simple as that. Some of the symptoms are:

·         It takes you a long time to find files

·         If someone travels you can’t access the files

·         Same types of files have different names in different projects

·         You don’t know what revision is the last one

·         You are spending a lot of time sending files through e-mails

·         Files from the same project are in different places

·         You lost your clients files because your computer or server was not working


Solution: Here are 5 tips to get better at organizing your files:

1)      Relate everything back to a place – your jobs are based on places, so relate all your files to that place. This should be the starting point for better organization. Make sure that all your files are related and stored where they belong to. It will be much easier to find it later.

2)      Bring your files to the cloud – it is not just a matter of security. It is not just a matter of accessibility. It is not just a matter of availability. It is not just a matter of sharing capability. It is not just a matter of professionalism. Well, do you need more reasons?

3)      Create naming conventions – Create powerful naming conventions that make sense for your team, you clients and suppliers. Acronyms for Contracts, Drawings, Reports and pictures are more powerful than you can imagine.

4)      Train your team on your naming conventions – If everybody knows the rules, it will be a lot easier

5)      Use the 1 minute rule – If it takes you more than 1 minute to find the information, it is not organized enough. This is a great challenge.


How can Crunchflow help? We have a lot of ready to go applications that builds upon our platform:

·         The Multi-Place CRM is the perfect place for you to relate your work back to a place. Learn more.

·         We are a cloud based solution, powered by Microsoft Azure reliability and security

·         It is easy to share files and documents from within the application to your team and clients

·         It is easy to train your team to use our platform

If you want to get a demo of our platform, let us know.

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