A Software Solution Platform Customized For Your Needs

Scenario: As companies grow, they focus on developing and improving processes that demand their attention at the moment. Frequently it starts with a financial software, then a time sheet or inventory tool and after a CRM to help get more clients. Project Management tools also are very usual, together with HR tools.

Problem: But, since this needs and implementations comes at different times and usually are implemented in a hurry, the company almost always ends up with software solutions that works in silos and do not integrate well. Then spreadsheets come into play and with that, usually, chaos. Managers don’t have the right information at the right time to take the best decisions. And this, leads to lack of productivity, lower margins and unsatisfied clients.

Solution: You shouldn’t be trying to adapt your business processes to a specific software solution (actually multiple software solutions). It should be the other way around: your software partner should be helping you to get a solution that fits your needs and integrate your business, not separate them in silos.

How can Crunchflow help? Our platform has a lot of ready-to-go applications that can be easily customized for your needs. And we have the capability to integrate ours with other solutions on the market to create a platform that will not only incorporate your business, but also prepare it to grow.

And we don’t believe this kind of solution is a plug and play solution. You didn’t build your business in a click, so why should a platform that addresses this should? We work with few clients at a time and with experienced consultants that understand what you want and help you to get to it. Size it is not important, the will to improve and grow is.

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