Architects and Engineers – Gain up to 15% productivity using a Client Facing Multi-Place CRM

If you are an Architect or Engineer, these facts should relate to you:

1)      Your jobs are always related to a place:

a.       House

b.       Apartment

c.       Building

d.       Store

e.       Restaurant

f.        Office

g.       Hospital

h.       Hotel

i.         Others…


2)      Your jobs are delivered through:

a.       Drawings

b.       Tour

c.       Photos

d.       Reports

e.       Documents

f.        Videos

g.       Others…


3)      You work in teams and need to share the information with them

a.       Vendors

b.       Clients

c.       Consultants

d.       General Contractors


In today’s world, a great amount of our interactions with our clients and staff happen through software. It can be a file, a picture, drawings, videos or others. You can choose to use different softwares that work in silos and are not thought for your needs, or do the right thing.

Use a solution that enables you to relate everything back to a place, get you organized and allows you to share your work with who needs it.

If you are tired of endless e-mails that get lost and confused, not finding the files you need nor adding value to your brand when you deliver your work, get to know Crunchflow’s Multi-Place CRM Solution.

There are a lot of benefits, such as:

–          Secure daily back up

–          Client Facing Customization

–          File Organization related to your business

–          Mapping capability

–          Easy to share

If you want to know more, click here.

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