Check why Crunchflow is the most complete application suite for companies (or departments) that deliver their work through projects.

Live Camera

Live Camera

 Use our technology to embed cameras and follow your construction in real-time
 Easy setup
 Affordable prices



Integrate your timesheet and expenses with your project portfolio
Make your team’s life easier
Easy approval and configuration of approval workflow


Team Board

 Have an easy view on what every team member is developing
Check task´s status (late, on time) so you can act to solve the problem
Close completed tasks and evaluate your team´s results
Understand youe team workload and your capacity to develop new projects

Clone Project

Clone Projects

 Save time cloning projects. But better then that, have you whole schedule adjusted to a new starting date
 Easy Export your projects to excel

Project Gantt

Project Gantt

 Have complete and comprehensive view of all your projects and its tasks
 Estimate completion time and effort for your project
 Define the duration and dependencies for each task and check the impact of delays on the whole Project


Collaborator Task Board

Give your collaborators a quick way to check and manage their tasks
 Easy Drag & Drop to change status
 If you clicked in the wrong task, just drag it back, no problem
 View your task´s details (scope, files and more) in a single click

Assign Ranking

Assign through Ranking mode

Select the best resource to each task based on setup time, Shortes Finish Date and lower cost
After someti-me you can program the system to automatically allocate the tasks for you
 In case you prefer, manual mode is also available

Powerful Dashboards

Powerful Dashboards

Create Powerful Dashboards to easy manage your company or your team
The data is yours, use it as gain more knowledge about your company and your results
Consolidate your whole project portfolio, its management and results in a single place



Keep your company´s files in a single place, on the cloud and integrated with your projects
Give Permissions and Access according to each user role
Your clientes will be able to access and download files


Rank your Team according to their results

Measure specific KPIs as your team deliver their work
Get a clear view of which ones are the benchmarks, understand what they do differently and multiply accross the organization


Resource Management

 Manage all importante information about your resources in a single place
 Define their capabilities and get their history in one place


Manage Permission

Assing specific permissions for each user
Guarantee that each one only sees what they are intended to see


Manage your clientes with data

Understand how each client is evolving and relating to your company
All information in the same place. Stop punching it in diferente places


Relate Everthing to a site

 Know where your work is
 Easily plan your team
Keep records and information organized and in simple acess to anyone