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Mobile vs Desktop – Attention to the facts

Mobile usage is growing like never, but there are some great facts that still should make you consider the desktop in the game. I really liked this from Stone Temple – Mobile vs Desktop Usage: Mobile Grows But Desktop Still a Big Player.

There you can find some great analysis about how mobile is getting bigger every year when it relates to traffic (55.79% mobile) to websites, but when it comes to quality of its traffic is much worse than the Desktop considering total time on the sites (59.9% desktop), pageviews (58.5% desktop), and bounce rates (mobile around 44% / desktop 32%)

But why are we talking about this? Well, even though it is a requisite to think mobile first when thinking about digital marketing and internet browsing time, when we are talking about actually doing the work, desktop still has a great importance. Some functionalities that depends heavily on analysis and information usually don´t look very good to work on a mobile device.

With that said, we continuously improve our platform to optimize both experiences, for example:

  • Project Managers can find the place they are visiting and upload pictures seamlessly to the Multiplace CRM Solution 

  • Project Owners can see a slide presentation of a construction from their tablet, without having to call anyone or open e-mails with presentations.


  • For a Gantt chart plan, desktop view is optimized and helps to get better view and information.

  • If you must run reports and analyze it, desktop is a much better option.

Always remember to go after all the facts before making up your mind about something and following the trend. Not everything is the same and we have to make sure we are considering all the scenarios to analyze the best solution.

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