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50% of a Project/Program Management Solution success relies on Training

Scenario: You have decided to implement a Project/Program Management solution. You defined your goals and who will lead the team. Tests seemed to be ok. Everything was ready. But then the implementation failed and did not bring the expected results.

Problem: Many leaders overestimate the importance of training their teams on a new solution. We are living in a world of software were everyone is overwhelmed with all the new technology available. So, it is crucial to come up with a training plan that can help everyone get on-board and collaborate with the system quickly. But what is important to consider and how to do that?

Solution: It depends on the implementation plan and the size of your team, but usually it is important to define at least one person per area or module as the key user and then train them in the system as the development is taking place. Only after the key users are trained and ready to use the system you should train the rest of the team. And makes a big difference if this training sessions can be performed by the company’s trained key users. It brings credibility to the solution and confidence to the team that they also can use and master the system.

It is also important to train people in the system per how deep they will get into it.

For example, users that will input a small amount of data require less training than users that will manage projects or financial information. So, we always suggest preparing a training by role. Here are the main ones we usually see:

a)      Executive and Managers

b)      Project Managers

c)       Project Accountants

d)      Technical Staff

e)      Administrative Staff

f)        System Admin

This usually improve a lot the chances of success of an implementation.

Tip: Record sessions and make them available for support.

How can Crunchflow help: Our solution platform has already a lot of material created and tested, what makes training preparation a lot easier. Navigating across different modules and solutions on the same platform is much easier than having to log in and of other systems which make easier for the team to adopt the solution. If you need help on creating training material for your staff, let us know and we will check how we can help.

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